Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Things people don't think about when getting married:

The list is long but one of the most over looked in my opinion is Premarital Counselling.  I think most couples don't even think about it or discuss it.  I think one of the best decisions Chris and I made when we got married was to cave and do premarital counselling.  When we were first approached about the idea we kind of thought it was silly... I mean we didn't have any issues, was the first and huge thing that popped up.  It was pushed by some family so we thought we'd try it I mean what was the worst that would happen?  But it was surprisingly good experience.  I guess it would completely depend on who was doing the counselling but the Pastor that did ours was completely awesome!

But with our very understanding pastor he was conversational and basically used himself to help us start discussions between the two of us (Chris and I). It wasn't life altering conversations but it does put you in a place of having conversations you might not have naturally but are helpful for understanding.  By the end of the time 6 meetings we had and the conversations we had with the pastor and handouts he was able to tell us what he thought would be most likely the top topics of fights between the two of us and he was right.  But because we knew that we had done some prep work.  It helped us stop problems before they were problems...

So I'm sure there are other great ways to get the same results but for us it worked... despite the lack of desire at the start :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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