Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bewildered Confessions

I never thought of myself as a mother.  It wasn't in the plan.  I know that is a weird thing to admit but it's true.  I have billions nieces and nephews... ok really it is 10 but still.   I enjoy children but I never wanted one(s) of my own.  I thought about fostering before at the max.  I find myself now in a unique situation now.

I am going to have a child.  And because of this huge change in thinking I find myself pondering things.  I came across this photo and it hit me hard... as I'm sure it does for most.  Adopting is a beautiful thing, such a great picture of God's love.  It makes me sad how difficult the process is made that leaves these children alone for longer than is needed.

Now that I will be a mother I can't imagine not at least being open to allowing a existing child finding sanctuary in our home.  It wouldn't be easy.  There is baggage there but with it there can be such need for love and protection.

Any parent knows that the day your kid is born a great deal of your acting on selfish desires has to die.  It is still hard for me to wrap my head around the life change that is in front of us but all the same I can't help but look to those around me who have made their children (from their own body or adopted into their heart) a safe and loving home... it makes me know that the seeming impossible can be done.

Alas it makes it no less scary... no less life altering.

Live. Love. Loud.

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