Thursday, February 27, 2014

Confessions from my Crazy Mind

Hello my name is Rachel and I'm a little bit crazy.  Figured I should start at the base of the confession: my crazy crazy crazy self.

So this past week we moved into our new place.  I love moving.  Not for all the hassle of packing up, not for all the struggle of picking up and actually moving all the objects but for the process of cleansing you are forced into.  You have to rummage through all your stuff and purge the unneeded, the unused.  It forces you to organize.

Moving allows this brand new start.  So clean and beautiful.  I new start.  There is something so bliss filled and peaceful about it.  Yes, I get the work... the hassle... the plans upon plans... but in the end you get a new adventure... and who doesn't love change and a new adventure?  Or maybe that is just me (and all the other little kids that moved around a lot as a kid :D)

So for me I'm in a blissful new adventure.  I love our new place... getting to know the new area, getting reorganized, getting rid of more things that I can't believe made it through the first purge.

I know I'm crazy... but it's a cute kind of crazy right?

Live. Love. Loud.

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