Friday, February 14, 2014

Dreams Being Made and other LOVES

This past week I had the joy of finally meeting my ever amazing and talented designer (who created my lovely logo and designed my business cards!) Meredith over at Jack + Molly Designs.  She is as sweet as I ever expected and it was such fun to sip our coffee and chat about life.  The hours passed quickly without noticing and it makes me think over all the people in our lives that so much of the time we don't get a chance to get to know.  I sometimes wonder if my regular cashier went to coffee with me if we would become besties?  I mean how many lives we touch and how often we over look it!

(Logo thanks to the talented Meredith)

Well as a result of my falling for Meredith I am determined she is stuck with me!  In our continued conversations since our meeting she shared with me her new project she is launching and it made me think of all you brides out there looking for unique accessories.  She is starting a jewelry company called Poet Jane.  No pieces are up right now but I'm excited to see all she creates!

Which brings me to all my other LOVES:

French Toast: All the running to the store for bread, milk and egg wont' go to waste! #snow LOL
Weekends spent with friends: Best Valentines EVER
Almost time for our move: I'm so excited about our new place and getting everything out of the boxes!
Great and Talented new friends taking on bigger and better dreams!
Taking a moment to just be: so much of the time I am writing to do lists and trying to accomplish all that is on my lists I forget to just breath... maybe do some stretches.
Banana Split Sundaes: So I forgot how great bananas are on ice cream... they are amazing if you didn't know

What are your LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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