Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Equipment: Reflector

My amazing mother and father in law got me one of the worlds best gifts... okay well for me anyway :D  They got me a reflector.  I still like to use natural reflectors as much as possible but it is always nice to have a reflector handy for those moments when you have to work with what you got. This reflector has 5 different options for shading that allow me to keep the perfect light in so many different circumstances.  This means for you that your pictures will come out still looking as natural as ever, even in a harsh lighting situation we can avoid the pesky flash for a bit longer!  This pretty simple setup collapses and allows me to take it with me wherever I might go which is an amazing benefit for any and all of us who might travel around!

(photo thanks to Fotodiox)

This will be one of those tools that I will hope to not have to use on a regular and ideal day but will be perfect on a day when we need to get that shot it no matter the time or location and still have amazing natural light!

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