Friday, February 28, 2014

My LOVES of Food

I like fruits and vegetables.  I really do.  Most the time they sound amazingly delicious.  I usually eat at least one fruit and veggie smoothie a day but man oh man does it not replace Apple Fritters or ice cream.  I mean I wish it could but no matter what they say: it doesn't.

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The only time that I have ever come close to being able to let it go was a few years ago I was having some real bad health issues, so Chris and I did a  raw vegan diet and you simple forget to care or think about food... there is no question of what you will eat... It is a lot of the same.

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Which brings me to this weeks LOVES...

  • Babymoons... even when short
  • Taking time to relax and enjoy life as it is without thoughts to what will change
  • Blue Bell Coffee: Ice cream is pretty fantastic but oooh man is this delicious
  • To a house unpacked and photos hung up on the walls!
  • Yoga: it is like hugs for my muscles
  • Getting time with my sister even with all the distance between us
  • Benedict Cumberbatch 
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Makes me laugh every time I see this!

What is bringing you joy this week?  What do you choose to look at with joy?

Live. Love. Loud.

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