Friday, February 21, 2014

Not just your ordinary LOVES

It's here: our move.  Whenever I move it always makes me pensive... mainly about how I could have collected SO much stuff and question if any of it is actually essential to my life. Questions like, "Do I really need more than one towel?"  Which I totally understand to be a ludicrous question considering I have the option to have more than one, yet all the same these are the same thoughts that roll around my endless rambling trap as the box after box sits in front of me.

So here is to a simpler life with less things and filled with amazing moments instead!

And to other LOVES

Ok, so this week is going to be a bit different.  Instead of my regular bullets of love I'm going to share some photos of things that made me smile... even in my pensive state.

Down side... I'd eat my phone

No down side... simply amazing.  So I may not really be a grown up. :D

Who doesn't love some cross dressing cos-play...

Ok, so this was more drool then smile...

So I will leave you now to try and find a piece of that cheesecake and to remind you to look for your LOVES this week... and if you have the time tell me what you've been LOVE-in. :D

Live. Love. Loud.


  1. Um, downside: I'd eat your phone! Downside to #2: it would be even more difficult to get out of bed! (I don't understand #3)

  2. The third is a girls dressed up as guy characters in the Hobbit :D