Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Others and Inspiration

Photographers that Inspire | How to give back to your community | Jasmine Star and Michael Jordan Smith I've been thinking over those who inspire me and thought I'd share.  Though I know none are without flaws it is always nice to have those to look up to in some complicity or another.  Sometimes even their flaws and how they handled them can be my inspiration.

A fellow wedding photographer, Jasmine Star, has given me much joy.  Reading her posts and confessions has been inspiring.  She is completely transparent.  There are some who hate, but I think you can't get around that but even this past year when she made a big mistake she owned up to it with grace and honor.  She continues to be bluntly honest and a wonderful reminder that you can be you and become a success... mistakes and all :D

(photo thanks to Jasmine Star's website)

Another photographer, though a he focuses on fashion, has inspired me greatly.  His relation to people and his efforts to enjoy life and create a relaxed work environment for all involved has been something that I aspire to more alike.  Micheal Jordan Smith is amazingly talented in his work but it is actually his attitude and personality that set him a part from those around him.

(photo thanks to Michael Jordan Smith's Vimeo profile)

An amazing photojournalist who seems to capture the seemingly mundane in a way that makes me more than envious is Benjamin Lowy.  The way he views the world in a way to tell a story of the small moment captured of the strangers he meets or simply passes takes my breath away at points.

(photo thanks to Photographers in Conflict)

Who inspires you to follow after your dreams?

Live. Love. Loud.

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