Monday, February 10, 2014

Top Ten Things That Change...

Top Ten Things That Change When Pregnant | Funny Pregnant Moments | Preggers I starting thinking about things recently. I still have a long way to go on my pregnancy but it seems to take over any and all conversations with those around me so I figured I would share the love by giving my... Top ten things that change when you're pregnant:

(comics thanks to Funny Pregnancy)

  • You are no longer capable of everyday activity in most people's minds 
    • In all their love and protection people try and tell you want you can and cannot do.  This is up to you and how you want to handle it but I have to be really up front about it. I don't do well with being told what to do by anyone I haven't put over myself ... if that makes any sense?  But be sure however you handle it that you remember it comes from love.
  • You are constantly asked "how are you feeling" as they stare at your stomach 
    • Much like when you get married and everyone asks "So, how's married life?" and you're not sure how to answer, people try and feel connection to you but don't always know how so they ask you the one thing that they think of.  If you get tired of answering it: you can do as me and be playful and list off some of the dwarfs :D
  • No matter what you know, when you look down you feel fat 
    • No matter how much I know that I am putting on weight for a good reason I can't help but feel huge.  I mean the baby isn't in my thighs yet they grow too.  I don't have the noticeable "baby bump" so when I look down I feel like I ate... well, all the ice cream LOL
  • You go from seeing a billboard of a food to needing to eat then not it being the last thing you want to eat
    • Chris literally laughs at me when this happens (notice the "s" because it has happened more than once)
  • PJ's never looked so good 
    • I'm pretty sure I will break down more than once and run over to the grocery store in my fleece pants...OH maybe I'll get a cute pair of yoga pants then it looks like I'm in them for a reason other than comfort?
  • You can't have amazing things like sandwiches, sushi and any type of cocktail 
    • Oh how I miss you.
  • Everyone has opinions that have to be shared... and sadly most contradict each other.
    • I get confused at times trying to keep them all straight.  I don't mind hearing them but one person may tell you that ____ is bad or _____ is good.  I feel like it is like "eggs" every few years they change whether you should eat them or not.  I use a few well placed books to try and balance all that I hear. 
  • You pee ALL the time... ALL the time 
    • I feel like Bourne only I'm scouting bathrooms not exits
  • In the beginning, most people feel like you're dying
    • It does pass... everyone is different.  I have one friend who didn't have any stomach issues and another that had hers last through most of her pregnancy.  I hope for all the women out there that this stage runs its course SUPER quick.  Eating often was the only thing that helped me (small amounts every hour).
  • Everyone wants to talk about your baby...even if you don't want to 
    • They are all so excited and they don't live with the kid in your stomach.  They want to be a part of it.  I don't have a fix for this one.  For me I take a deep breath and try and remember it is their first time having this conversation. And hey maybe you'll love to talk it all over and so you'll love this! 

 I hope that brought you a laugh!

Live. Love. Loud.

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