Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why "Only Wedding Photography"

When I was a child I never wanted to grow up and when I realized I had no chose in the matter I started a desperate search for Neverland.  Convinced it was real I searched globes and scavenged Peter Pan to find if I could get enough information to make my way there. Sadly I found out the reality and thus started making other to find a tree that grew money so I could live as child.

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in my dreams... or at least the money tree.  Cause let's be serious who wouldn't want a tree that grew money?

All that rambling to get to:  If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me why I don't shoot all types of photography I could hire a scientist to make the dream or a money tree close to a reality!

The only way I can make sense of my utter devotion to Wedding photography is to speak in specialties.  You don't question a Cardiologist why he doesn't know the whole body.  You may, if you are like me wonder at the story that brought him to his specialty but not think him errant in his choice.  It could be because of a family member, or because he had an instinct for that organ.

I don't question my amazingly talented designer and ask her to decorate my home.  Now could she give me pointers probably cause she probably has better taste then I do but it isn't her focus.

I think that all types of photography are amazing.  When I look at landscape art I'm amazed at how a building can almost come to life or how you can almost feel that sunset.  When I see a portrait photographer who has managed to capture the heart of a child... the mischievousness and yet still innocents I am amazed.  When I see wild life exhibits I can't help be fathom at the creation in front of me.  Each and every photography speaks to me as a consumer... as someone desperate to experience life.

To be honest I just don't have the skill set for most of them. Yes, I know how to use my camera.  Yes, could I do a "decent job" at most... well maybe? :D  But do I know how to make a child relax and be themselves... crazy and wild or timid and soft yet both still amazingly beautiful?  NO, I wish.  I have nieces and nephews galore.  Believe you me if I had those talents you would be seeing SO many kid pictures it would drive you crazy.  I can take an "Olan Mills" portrait, which there is no shame in that but that isn't what I love to do nor do I think that you would love that photo as much as you would love a Sarah Petty  or Neito Photography shot of your kids being wild and freely themselves!

My skill is getting adults, women or men, to relax with me and remember how beautiful they really are.  So many of us have had years of practice "Stamping" that smile on or feeling like no matter what you do your picture won't come out well that we almost tense in front of the camera.  It reminds me of the funny episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler are trying to get their engagement pictures done... Oh Chandler's smile!  Makes me laugh every time.  

(photo thanks to HelloGiggles)

That moment of getting you to be you... beautiful, fabulous you (or for the guys out there: strong, handsome... I can't bring myself to call a guy beautiful... just seems off)!  

My attachment of wedding photography goes back to watching a friend of mine get married.  She was timid and felt unsure and the photographer they had was inexperienced and didn't know how to make my friend who was a bride feel as beautiful as she really was.  What day should you feel more relaxed and more beautiful then your wedding day?  What photos will be most viewed for the rest of your life that will remind you of the joy or your new life?  What photos will you pull out with your children as they grow up or when they are getting married and want to laugh over the hair or dress you had on your wedding day?

This is your one and only day to get married to your favorite person.  You won't have that again.  That's why I love Wedding photography.  That's why it is so important to me.

What is important to you?  What is your passion?

Live. Love. Loud.

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