Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I can tell which weeks pass with more paperwork or busy work and which ones pass with more interactions with my amazing couples.  I get like a whinny kid on the paper centric weeks.  I feel like I have emotional temper tantrums.  If I had less dignity I might just throw myself on the floor to avoid getting on my computer once again.

This week is looking to be one of those paperwork weeks.  And so in a desperate attempt to look on the "brighter side" I started day dreaming of vacations, trips and adventures.  I determined a perfect trip doesn't take much... as far as distance or stuff is concerned.

The main thing for a trip to turn out great is for you to let go.  Release work, the tension of home, the dishes to be done, etc and be in that moment.  Laugh at the errors and take them as a new direction.  Abandon.  The best trips I can remember are those I abandoned.

So today I dream of abandon!

Live. Love. Loud.

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