Monday, March 17, 2014

"Camping" to sleep

Stay-cations | Raleigh Wedding photography | Fun ways to enjoy a weekend at home Did you camp as a child?  I didn't.  I can recall the one and only camping trip that my family took.  I was about 4 or 5 years old.  It was July or August and it was over 100 degrees everyday and rained most every night.

My parents My father isn't the roughing it type of person so even in our camping we had running water and a restroom that could be used which I was most grateful for.  The two things that stick out to me are wondering where my father and brothers were, I found out years later that they ran off for the whole day to find air conditioning and left my sister, mother and I to "enjoy the outdoors".  But being 4 and there being any sort of water near by I did just that!

The second thing I remember is that you should never tell your child not to do something if they didn't think to do it prior to the suggestion.  My father announced as we were entering our tents to avoid the torrential rain not to touch the tent.  My sister and I (6 and 4 consecutively) were burdened with this burning desire to touch our tent... the idea of touching the tent had never seemed so inviting.  It was as if our hands reached out of their own accord.  It wasn't until the next morning  we awoke floating in a nice sized private pool or our own making did we understand the reason we shouldn't touch the tent.

That said: I don't camp.  Not as a rule or because I don't like it I just never have past that one time.  I don't own the equipment and it seemed silly to buy it all just to see if I would like it.  But Chris and I do "Camp" and our own little version I enjoy quite immensely.  We camp in our living room.  We bring in our bed and make "camp" for a weekend.  Silly and Childish as it is it is fun.  Almost like a vacation from normal life but at home.

We make foods that we haven't in a while.  We stay up late and talk... though sadly no ghost stories... or at least not yet.  We eat ice cream for days and days... ok, so that may be just mean eating all the ice cream but I feel better when I say "We".

All that amazing randomness to say: finally after days and days of not being able to sleep we "camped" this weekend and I slept... Oh you don't realize just how amazing sleep is till you can't seem to do it!

What amazing things did you do this weekend?

Live. Love. Loud.

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