Thursday, March 20, 2014

Confession of a Twisted Mind

Pregnant and Unsure| Importance of Parenting | A photographer dealing with a life change I can't wrap my head around the concept.  In less than a hundred days I will have a child.  I  mean you know when you get pregnant that it ends in a kid but I guess I'm still getting used to the idea that I am pregnant.  It is scary and intimidating... I mean just the idea of it.

Random: I just watched Psycho for the first time the other day... Finally get SO many references 

I mean I will be responsible for this person.  For keeping it alive but all the more difficult: who it becomes will in large part have to do with how I mess it up.  So I have decided to be very decisive in how I am going to warp the poor unsuspecting soul... Cause I figure there is no way to actually not warp it so instead I will make it my brand of crazy on purpose.

Example: If you have to error on one side or the other of the crazy train I'd rather have one that is on the OCD side of cleanliness then one who is super messy.  I get that personality of the kid plays a part but I figure as long as I know that I can't do it perfect I better be sure of what flaws I'm giving it.  Be intentional.  But that's the planner in me.  I can't help but think it through.

So for today's confession: I plan on molding myself and intentionally "my-type-o-crazy" kid... how twisted is that??

If you have any great ideas, good ideas or simply not bad ideas I'd love to hear them... cause gosh... I'm just saying it is a lot!

Live. Love. Loud.

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