Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Engagement Pictures: What to wear?!?

Engagement Pictures | Raleigh Wedding photography | What do I wear? I am an over planner.  I like to make lists for my lists.  Pack for my packing.  I like to think things through a little too much.  I guess I figure that if I have considered all the options then there is no failing... there is no reason to be surprised by the unexpected.  So when I got my engagement pictures I had thought it through.  I had outfit options for Chris to choose from, locations I liked and yet I still felt like I was missing something.  Like others might know something I didn't know.

Did I pick the right spot?  Was it going to be pretty enough?  Are my outfits good enough for my engagement pictures... I mean you are stuck with them forever????  Maybe you aren't the questioning type.  Maybe you are the person we should look to cause you have it all under control and if so please SHARE YOUR WISDOM!  But if you are like me and you eyes go over and over your options and you're just not sure then this post is for you!

When you are thinking about what to where, try to breath and remember it cannot be perfect and if it was then it wouldn't really work.  What I mean is unless you are perfect you don't want your outfit, location or pictures feeling perfect.  Perfect is never real.

Well, at least it isn't real for me.  I am a hot mess most days.  If my outfit was in place and not a hair on my head was out of place it would be because somehow I turned into barbie and the kid playing with me likes a whole lot of hair gel!

Your engagement pictures are simply a reflection of you and your love.  If you are silly and wild don't try and put pearls and a Jackie O outfit: embrace the awesome that is you!  If you are country and relaxed don't worry about breaking out an evening gown.

Your clothes should reflect you.  My suggestion for most couples is for them to pick out two outfits.  One more casual and one more formal.  Think through outfits you have worn before.  Which were you favorite?  Which made you feel lovely/beautiful?  Which did you feel comfortable in?  Those outfits will either give you the outfits you want to wear or it will at least point you in the direction of what you'd want.  If you're not sure I have no issues helping but I would suggest you have at least a few options because you don't want my style coming out in your pictures. ( I wore jeans and a casual shirt in my engagement pictures because being the crazy that is me I wanted to take some pictures in a tree...)

Don't worry about matching each other.  Have you ever seen the family pictures where everyone is wearing the blue shirts and khaki pants?  I can't tell where one person ends and other begins.  Clash, compliment or draw be yourself.  The main thing when picking out your outfit/outfits is that you want to be comfortable and able to relax.

As my father in law says, "There are a lot of right answers!"

Live. Love. Loud.

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