Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Engagement Sessions: When is right?

When to get engagement photos | Raleigh Wedding photography | What questions should I ask before having and engagement session Continuing last weeks thoughts on Engagement sessions:
I often get asked, "When should we have our engagement session done?"  To be honest this question doesn't' have a direct answer and it has a lot to do with your personal opinion but to help you along the way I'm going to ask a few questions.

What do you plan/want to use these photos for?
People use their engagement sessions for a lot of things.  From posting in the newspaper or work to something personal like pictures in your house or social media.    Depending on what you are going to use them will greatly depend on when or how far from your wedding you should schedule your engagement session. If the pictures are simply for personal use then choose when you so desire.  It doesn't really matter.  12 months from your wedding or 2 weeks it is really up to you, but I would suggest no closer than 2 months because the closer your wedding you get the more issues and stress that always seem to complicate life. However, if you are going to have them present for an engagement party or if you are going to use them for a "Save the dates" or if you desire to announce your wedding then you will need to keep that in mind.  You will want your session at least a month prior to when you want to use the photos.

In what season would you like to have your engagement sessions taken?
The season you desire to have taken obviously affects how far from  your wedding you want to take your photos but it also affects the ideal time of day.  If you want the best light and best circumstances then you'll want to consider the time of day to have the shoot.  Generally close to sunset will lend itself to the most beautiful light, that's why it is called golden hour.  A professional photographer will be able to make any time of day work well but much like going to the mechanic when he isn't slammed with a lot of other business lends itself to your best service you can get the most of your photographer's talents by allowing ideal conditions.

Do you have a theme in mind for your engagement session?
If you have a "baseball" theme in mind then that will dictate what seasons you will be best. The same is true if you are wanting  a "snow kiss" session or if you are wanting to get your pictures taken a midst of a whole bunch of blooming flowers.  Keep in mind that themes can be amazing but the man thing is not be at ease at your engagement session so if it works better for your schedule to do it different season as long as you and your love are there the pictures will be amazing!

Basically: there is so many personal decisions that play a part to when you'll want to have your engagement session that for each couple it seems to change.  The main thing is that if you have the time getting them done early might help ease your stress.

Live. Love. Loud.

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