Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Giddy with Order

Shoe organizers | Making order out of everything | Fun with order I have a strange affinity to storage containers.  Walking down the organizational aisles literally makes me a little giddy at the possibilities.  I mean you could make any space filled with anything neat and orderly and on top of that super cute!

I can't help but want to throw all the baskets, cabinets and drawer units into my cart and run for the door... having absolutely no real idea of where or for what to use them, simply too overwhelmed by the joy of the possibility.

I stop myself because as amazing as all those organizational units are they are also crazy expensive... well if you want to buy as many as I do :D  But every once in a while I allow myself a bit of crazy OCD joy.  Recently I allowed a splurge.  A new shoe organizer.  I looked and looked online and in stores before I made my choice.  I was like a kid waiting for Christmas when the UPS man stopped by with his delivery.

Why is it that having my shoes newly reorganized make me so happy?  I blame my parents!  No real reason other than they do form a lot of the crazy that is us... sad reality for a pregnant person.  Sorry in advance kid.

Live. Love. Loud.

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