Friday, March 21, 2014

LOVES even to appliances???

Love leads to Generosity | Raleigh Wedding photography | Looking to the positive Love makes for generosity... or so has been my experience.  When Chris and I got married people were overly generous to us, in their help and prayer and gifts.  One of these amazing gifts was an amazing couch.  It served us faithfully for these many years but it has come to its end so we are finally saying adieu and trying to find a replacement.

Completely unrelated but I saw this and couldn't help the LOVES

When I was a child I had odd quirks.  One of these extremely odd quirks was my attachment to objects.  You see we moved around a lot and we had a lot of changes in our life and so I blame my desire for consistency on my attachment.  You're probably wondering at why this is an odd thing... don't most children and people for that matter get attached to things?  Yes... yes, they do.  But do most of those people/children cry weep when their parents get a new refrigerator?  Maybe and I kind of hope so but thus far in my breaching the subject I have yet to find a soul.  So yes, I LOVED our fridge as a child and when it came time to replace it I couldn't handle it...

I'm telling you right now: I am envious of crafty people... 

Being the stubborn person I am I determined right then and there I wouldn't get attached to things.  Which hasn't always worked but I will say there have been nor more crying over appliances.  That sad, I am sad to see the end of era.  Dear old couch you treated us well and you hold many a precious memory but sadly your sunken and worn appearance has shown your time of reign is up and it is now time for something I deeply enjoy: Furniture shopping! (don't judge me... ok, you can but I mean don't knock it till you try it with me :)

Which brings me to all my LOVES this week:

  • Furniture Shopping!
  • Day dreaming: I love the chance to let my mind wonder over the possible adventures both possible (dates, meals, activities) and impossible (how much fun it would be to be able to fly)
  • A clean home: it is even better when you don't have to do it :D
  • Fruit: we all know it is amazing but I'm just going to remind you of the awesome that is fruit... and better yet smoothies!
  • Getting something new: namely the couch
  • Unexpected stories and the chance to know more of someone 
  • Um... yea still on the list: ICE CREAM (if nothing else this is for you Brianna)

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and don't forget to tell me all about your LOVES this week!

Live. Love. Loud.

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