Monday, March 3, 2014

Misadventures of Joy

Babymoon ideas | Southeastern Locations for a baby moon | Finding joy in the small things This might be heresy for some of you out there, so hold your breath and wait till the end before you judge me too harshly:

I have never been a huge fan of Myrtle Beach.  Most of the few times I have been it has been crazy busy and cliche tourist beach town.  And maybe I'm too purist in my beach love but I like smaller quieter beach experiences if I'm trekking out to the coast.

Chris and I decided that instead of trying to figure out how to do a long one trip for our "Babymoon" (kind of like a last ditch to enjoy some alone time before the kid comes) we would do 2 or three super small trips.  My first request was a chill trip that included indoor water, preferably and indoor lazy river.  So we did our searching and found the closets options seemed to all be in Myrtle Beach.  So we each put our bias asside and decided to try and take on the city with new eyes together... and it worked :D

We stayed at the Dunes Village Resort which has slides, pools, hot tubs and a big lazy river... and if you're not careful on when you go: LOTS of kids and many without parents (be warned :D).  But before we could check in we decided with all the crazy looking mini golf options we would try our hand.  Though Chris loves mini golf I've never been a huge fan, only having tried it less than a handful of times but we love to conquer firsts so we decided it was time.

 Yes, poor Chris is forced to do a selfie with me on occasion... despite is protests :D

I saw this amazing looking three story display down the road of thatch houses and waterfalls so we decided to go and see what it was and we came across Mt. Atlanticus Minitar Goff.  Chris was so in love with the double pun that we pulled in and set off.  It was amazing.  The owner was behind the desk and we got to talking about how he and his wife started this business as a passion 13 years earlier and how they like to keep things new and interesting by changing up and bringing in new looks.

The best way I know how to describe this place is a theme park of mini golf.  Everything keeps you in this world, the pipes are made to look like vines and trees.  The hills are made to look like claws.  There are animal prints all along the paths.  I'm pretty sure you could walk the course more than a few times and still come across something new that you missed the first 5 times.  There are swings indoors.  There is a hole in an ice cave... I mean... just pretty amazing the amount of energy and thought that was put into this holistic experience.

But to top it off: after you enjoy your 18 (or if you are super adventurous you could play both courses and have finished the 32) holes you come back to the lobby for a bonus 19th hole.  If you make it in this ridiculously difficult hole you win yourself a lifetime unlimited pass as well as your picture on the wall.  So being the complete klutz I am I laughed at the idea, plopped my ball down and swung away...

(yes, that is the face I made to learn of my new good fortune... it is a common face sadly )

To my utter astonishment, and Chris' bewilderment, I made it in.  So you are now looking at the proud owner or a lifetime pass to mini golf.  Things I never thought I'd say.

Point being: we determined if you can put your bias aside and take on a city with the only goal of looking for an adventure you can have a blast without even meaning to :D

I hope you get a chance to enjoy a lazy river and Mt. Atlanticus Minitar Goff in your new future (it is worth the trip :D).

Live. Love. Loud.

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