Friday, March 14, 2014

Quirky LOVES

TGIF | Raleigh Wedding photography | Weekly LOVES I'm feeling a bit quirky today.  Maybe it has something to do with the zero sleep I've had in last few days, to which I would love to say were based in some awesome project instead of the silly truth of just not being able to sleep, but all the same: I feel quirky.  Like grab a box of novelties and wonder a car parking lot and day dream, or wander the halls of some mega store not looking for much but seeing what rare/strange items can be found.

Photo thanks to & Other Things

Photo Thanks to Juliano Coutinho

I feel like rolling down a grassy hill... till I stop and think about how itchy I would be afterwards... plus it would be more like wobbling down the hill at this point.  I feel like finding a play to audition for just to have tried.  Yet the other part of me wants to simply collapse on my couch and sleep the day away but alas... sleep eludes me so off to find silly adventures... and other LOVES:

Photo thanks to Trend Hunter

  • Cereal... I know it isn't great for you but I'm lazy at times and they are pretty delicious
  • Yoga pants/PJ pants for those days when eating cereal for dinner isn't lazy enough... and all other amazingness
  • Closing my eyes to listen to a beautiful day: I feel a bit like Cinderella with all the birds chirping... but in a good I'm a Disney princess way not in a I'm a slave to my evil step-mom way.
  • Baths: sore muscles meet the worlds best treat!
  • Quiet.  I'm not sure if it will be the same in a few months and right now I relish the silence.. 
  • Looking at Furniture: I know it is quirky but I really do love browsing at furniture... I just deeply enjoy the process.  Pretty sure a good Saturday would be one spent for at least an hour looking over and touching furniture.

What do you LOVES this week?  Want to join me on my quirky adventure...?  

Live. Love. Loud.

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