Thursday, March 13, 2014

Throwing out Confessions

Throw back Thursday | Confessions of a Photographer | Raleigh wedding photography This past week I had the challenge of watching my brother's kids, three of them to be exact.  I haven't watched anyone's kids for days since I was a nanny back in College.  Whenever I spend time with kids I seem to have a constant reminder of selfishness.  Between their nature and my own it sits at the forefront of life with kids.  
I'm on the front

I have to take a knee to parents, no matter how great or rotten their kids are they take lots of work... like endless amounts of work.  Not just the cooking and cleaning but the actual them.  Talking, teaching and being with kids drains energy.  Everything has to be explained and reexplained.  The effort is worth it for their sake as a person but in the moment... AH my selfish nature just wants to take the easy road.

So this post is to say a thanks out there to "Parents" for their effort for our coming generation and a special thanks to my parents for dealing with the handful that was me.


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