Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What does an engagement session look like?

Making engagement pictures seem simple and natural | Raleigh Engagement photography | Engagement photography that shines you! I meet couples in many different ways. Often I start a random conversation with someone and it turns into a longer conversation. Sometimes it is because the couple seeks me out, via my website or blog. Sometimes it is because of a referral. 

But past how I meet these amazing couples, our relationships develop differently. Most of my clients are like me and prefer email as a form of contact. I am one of those people is the WORST on the phone. By that I mean I will try and leave a short message giving you just the information you need.... 3 min later I realize I'm still rambling on your machine and I beg for forgiveness. Walk through the process from booking with me to completion of the engagement session.  Yea, I do know I'm terrible.  Chris has requested that I just don't call people and I tend to agree.

But sometimes my couples want to meet up in person to chat about their beautiful and unique weddings but others are just so busy that it doesn't fit.  Each couple is unique in their preferences, how they relate and how our relationship develops but one thing is very similar: the process of information.

When a couple books with me all my packages include a complimentary engagement session.  So one of the first steps after we are all sign, sealed and delivered is to discuss your up coming engagement session.

I usually email with a cute-zy (if I do say so myself :) email checking in and throwing out some thoughts and questions to get the discussion started.  If the wedding is far off sometimes the couple won't want to immediately book their engagement session but wait for their preferred season, others want to get it done as quickly as possible so they can have the pictures to use.

All the same, if you are willing we will discuss your engagement and wedding to your heart's content.  Discussing your desires and thoughts and coming to a place where you have what you desire.  I always ask that the couple chooses their location because who else could pick a place that matters to them better.  Whether it is a local dump that you both served at and that's where you met or if you always eat at this particular Chinese restaurant, you always find a place that will turn out the perfect pictures for the two of you.

...Then the day of the session arrives.  We met up at the location you have chosen.  I have taken time before you arrived to look over the location to have some ideas of what places might be great but I usually check with you first: what places mean something to the two of you?  We will walk and talk and hopefully have a blast.  I try and make the whole process as natural as possible.  Everyone feels awkward and uncomfortable when you are placed in front of someone and asked to "perform" or get that feeling.  I am there to enjoy the day with you and in that process capture some real moments of your joy.

Because of my own preference, having been in front of the camera I don't like silence.  You will hear me make a fool of myself, because it happens pretty much all the time anyway, but I will walk you through what I'm thinking, how I think this might look and I'll ask you questions.  I do this because for me, when I have been in front of the camera, I hate to sit there unsure  "Do I move my hands like this normally?  How have I forgotten how to walk normally?  What is the photographer doing?"

At he end of the hour to hour and half, we will hopefully had a wonderful time together and have gotten a chance for us to get to know each other more and cherry on top of this sundae: ended up with some pretty fun and real photos of you and your love!   You might even forget you are being forced to take pictures :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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