Wednesday, March 19, 2014

WHERE!?!!! How to pick where to have your engagement pictures taken.

Great places for engagement pictures | Raleigh Engagement photography | Engagement photography that reflects you! Picking a location for an engagement session can be intimidating.  If you are like me you start thinking over "pretty locations" and then you get frustrated because everyone does those same locations and you want your pictures to be unique... but also pretty!  IS it too much to ask for??

The reality of picking the "perfect location" can only be determined by you.  One thing I like to say to all my amazing couples when they are picking out an engagement session is that as amazing as this botanical gardens may be or how great that brick wall looks(... you get the idea) don't just choose a location because other have, or because you think it is pretty but choose a location that both of you have enjoyed together.

If you met at a Laundry mat then why not get at least some of your pictures there!  If you love going to carnivals great!  If you are home bodies and you like watching movies at home: Awesome!

I always ask that my couples pick their engagement session.  Who better to know where you would want such a significant moment captured better than you?  It doesn't have to be the most amazing location or the prettiest.  What is most important is do you like it?  Do you feel comfortable there?  Does it mean something to you?

Now, no judgement if you have always wanted your pictures at beautiful botanical gardens, that has meaning if only for you love/desire for it.  There are a lot of right answers and there are even a lot of great answers.  For me it is almost a gut reaction.  When I first asked about locations that you shared was there a place that came to mind, silly or not?  That just might be it!

I ask for the ponder moment before the choice simply to make sure that we have the best environment for you two to be you and have the most amazing results possible!  Let's be serious we all want this to be an amazingly fun day... and having great pictures at the end of it might also be a good idea :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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