Thursday, April 3, 2014

Confession from the "Largely" in charge

Silly Pregnancy Stories | Normal daily activities are too much | Pregnant and a business owner I forget I'm pregnant sometimes.  I know this seems silly but I do.  I mean, I have a big belly now and the kicking is a nice reminder of the fact I'm never alone and I won't be for... well ever again if you what I've been told is true.  All the same I forget.

Thinking back to all the times when walking wasn't work...#throwbackthursday

However there are sometimes when my body reminds me of how truly pregnant I am: insert all pregnancy stories you have ever heard here.

One of these: "Ok, I surrender: I really am pregnant" moments for me was this past weekend.  Chris and I had to go buy a couch.  The couch of our early years married and slumped enough that it was much like being swallowed by a really big brown... well couch?  So we broke down and admitted it was time to replace the beast.

I have a thing with furniture... the thing is I love it.  I could spend hours looking at wood work... I get it I'm weird but I really do love it!  That said, I was really excited to go couch shopping.  Chris and I set out with the help of my father to search for the "perfect piece".  We looked at and sat in couches for hours.  At first I was light on my feet, popping quickly up and down on the different options.  About an hour and half in I was no longer quick.

By the end of the day I was literally THE most pathetic person ever.  Picture this, cause it really happened, I had to literally roll myself off the couch.  I could not longer pick myself up.  The worst was a couch with a chase.  I thought, "oooo, that looks so inviting" little did I know it was a huge mistake.  I didn't have enough strength to push myself back so I flopped and just laid there half on and half off unable to move for need to break enough to breath.

Yes, I do also struggle with tying my shoes.  I literally have to take a break between tying them, it is a work out to try and get around the mass that is my waist these days.

So if you were feeling pathetic take joy in the knowledge that not only are you not alone you at least didn't have to flop onto a couch or literally have to roll off... #pregnancy

Live. Love. Loud.

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