Thursday, April 10, 2014

Confessions: Accepting Cliche

Accepting Cliches | Laughing at yourself | Raleigh wedding photographer I've determined the only way to watch sports games are in person.  It has taken me a while to come to this conclusion because being frankly honest: I don't watch sports.  It comes down not to a hate of any particular sport but to a lack of understanding and knowledge.

(yes, this is mascots playing hockey and yes it was amazing)

Chris' work will at times afford us the opportunity to enjoy a sports game in person.  This past Saturday we had the extravagance of enjoying a Canes game in the Champions Box.  I dressed for a date night not taking into account that when you watch hockey you aren't supposed to wear much other than jeans and a jersey.

Every time we watch a game I can't help but have Chris or anyone listening to me laugh at me.  With in the first few minutes of the game I called the "puck" a ball, the "Goal" a basket, and referred to a "penalty"  as a foul (just so we are all clear they are totally the same thing... I mean you did something wrong and you are getting punished... just saying ;).  Chris had to explain to me "off sides" and "icing"... I determined that I much prefer math to hockey.  1+1 is always 2.  Flicking the puck across the hole field (rink?) doesn't always mean icing... too many variables.

I blame my family, and my complete lack of hand eye coordination. The only sport I was raised around was basketball, and I was terrible.  I remember watching my first Superbowl at 11, and my first non-Superbowl football game at 17.  I still get confused at what I deem to be  trick plays (where they fake hand off the ball)  and I can't seem to find where the ball went which is apparently adorable to Chris... or in the least entertaining.

I have tried watching, listening and learning.  My husband's whole family is into sports so it would make it much easier but not matter how much I pay attention I get lost.  I feel like I'm missing a key piece of information.  It's like listening to people talk in a different language and you only know how to say "where is the bathroom".

I've accepted that at least in this I am a "Cliche girl", which is hard for me because let's face it who like being put in boxes.

Live. Love. Loud.

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