Thursday, April 17, 2014

Cringing Confessions

Small Business Owner | Marketing Plan | Durham wedding photography You are supposed to know so many things.  When I talk to someone and they seem to have such a wide range of knowledge I always am amazed.  I have a limited scope in my knowledge... I wish I knew more but it is slow to get accumulated.  One area that right at this moment, for so many different reasons, I wish I knew better was marketing.

It is such a broad term that has so many applications that it is baffling to me.  I have taken classes and heeded advice from those more sage then myself but I wish I knew it better.  This spring with my slowed schedule due to an every expanding abdomen I determined I would try and tackle revamping my marketing plan.... this was a large chuck I decided to try and bite off and at the moment I'm waning under the weight of it.

I want to use my resources wisely but there seem to so many different options and so many different opinions that I get lost in it all.  I'm generally a huge fan of what's called "organic marketing".  It is what most small businesses thrive on, word of mouth being a large chunk of that "organic" plan.  Along side it I use my social media as best as I, and the few classes I've taken have taught me, know how.  Mainly it is taking the opportunity all around you to meet and get to know each other.  You never know what great stories you'll hear, people you'll meet and you might even end up with clients at the end of it!

Where I get lost is the "traditional" marketing.  I mean there are so many options and so many different ways to invest your money that it can be overwhelming... or maybe that's just me?  Maybe you all have it figured out and if you throw a girl a life saver (Orange if you have it :P)!  Cause heaven knows I could use it!

This spring I have been delving into research mode.  The more you know (thanks NBC)... and all that.  But with each new piece of information I get a bit more lost.  It is like when you, or maybe this is just me again, walk up to the ice cream section.  You see a flavor and you're like "YES" but you keep looking just to make sure you don't come across something better and then you end up staring at the wall of delicious long enough that you want more than you can carry but also start talking yourself out of any of the flavors because "you know you shouldn't"...

And now I want ice cream.

I was nervous writing this confession.  I mean, I'm pretty transparent... "blunt" is what Chris calls it but I try and be real all the time so you'd think it wouldn't be a struggle but when you start typing out your lack... it is like going to the pool for the first time of the season.  Your pale skin exposed, the body you swore you'd get into better shape this year... it is a bit frightening.  But what in life is worth while that isn't scary?

What are you doing today that scares you?

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