Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I'm still a person I promise!

Best and worst reads | Pregnancy doesn't mean the end of you | Durham Wedding Photography People don't tell you but your life slowly gets taken over by a person that doesn't quite exist.

I feel like every time I turn around my world is being focused on a child that isn't quite even a child yet.  People are loving and caring and so they want to ask about how you are doing being pregnant, what your thoughts are, what sex is it, when are you do... I feel like more often then not people want to talk about the ever expanding waistline and what all that means.  I get the inclination.  It's a connecting point.  It's like if you see a bumper sticker with 13.1 on a car... you know an easy topic to fall back on is running.

It's not an issue but at times I feel like I'm no longer a person anymore.  If that makes any sense.  It is like I'm a baby carrier.  I miss being a person.  I told Chris that I want a day.  A full 24 hours where I'm just me.  I'm Rachel Abi, wedding photographer, wife and general adventurist!  I want a day where I can live life and not be constantly reminded of the holding pattern I'm in... or at least that's what it feels like.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not trying to be Mrs. Downer.  I just miss being able to talk about coffee, fashion, your life!  Pretty much anything but babies.  I swear the baby isn't on my brain as much as it is everyone around me and I can't blame them, at this point my belly is litterally screaming it.

That said, and semi-ironically, I figured I'd share with you some of the books I have been reading and My thoughts on them in a sentence or two:

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby and Child Care: I wouldn't recommend it.  A little extreme in their views and promises.

Compete Guide to Baby and Child Care:  This is more of a reference book then a read through it book.  If you tend towards the more conservative view points then this isn't a bad guide book to have.

Husband Coached Childbirth:  This is more of a history or appreciation of the "Bradley Method" then a in depth explanation.  If you wanted to know more about the method from the creator then this book is for you.

Our Bodies, Ourselves, Pregnancy and Birth:  I would recommend this well over "What to expect".  Way more in depth and informative.

The Nursing Mother's Companion:  If you are planning to breastfeed this definitely covers a lot of information and would be a great reference book to know how to deal with different situations were you to come across them.

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way:  If I were suggesting one book to mother's to be, whether interested in natural childbirth or not, I would suggest this book.  It gives you a lot of information and walks you through the birthing process by someone who has experienced it.  If it's your only read I think it is the best choice I've come across!

See I told you it's not all on other people.  The whole process of pregnancy and all that comes with that is a bit terrifying and I feel better when informed.

That said: I'm still a person.  So if you are wanting to hangout and talk about anything but babies give me a holla!  :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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