Friday, April 25, 2014

Life as it once was and my LOVES

Nostalgic moments | Sister best friends | Raleigh wedding photography It is interesting how relationships change over time.  My sister came back this past week to visit and left yesterday to go back home to the Cayman Islands.   Being from a large family and being so close in age we roomed together till it was time for college then somehow ended up at the same college rooming together again.

(Throw back to our college days)

Much like all siblings we had our ups and downs but to a large degree for most of our lives we were inseparable.  We had a lot of the same friends, we did a lot of the same activities.  We couldn't be more different... like night and day when it comes to personalities but all the same most all my memories not only include her but feature her side by side with me.

Marriage, life and now an ocean are between us and it is interesting to see the change.  We both have our own lives and own dreams.  We are both happy but part of me can't help but stop and be a bit sad for what was.  It is the "Peter Pan" in me that can't seem to let it go.  I can't seem to help myself.

I'm overjoyed at my life and I'm thrilled at the love she has in hers.  So here is to accepting change and looking to new adventures...

On to my LOVES for this week:

Getting a chance to get to know another amazing photographer
Visit with my long lost sister
Long walk in the breezy afternoon
Getting a chance to meet and get to know one fantastic couple whose wedding I'm blessed to shoot!
Nostalgic moments and getting a glimpse into how things used to be
Cheese... Need I say more
Firefly: I know it is a "space western" and sounds ridiculous but it's so much fun!

Live. Love. Loud.

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