Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lists, Dreams and April's Goals

Monthly Goals | Setting Doable Goals | Springing with the Season A deep breath and with enough momentum I can get off the couch.  Why is it despite our desire and dreams we find ourselves wasting time?  I feel like were I really truly desiring my dream that I would struggle less for getting work done but alas despite my desire I can't help but want to procrastinate the hard work that allows you to get there.

One of the things that I have found help me along my way is lists.  To do lists, things to think about, goals... you name it I do better if physically have to write it out.  I'm old school so I like to have them hand written too.  I know I know... I still have a filofax cerka 1980 that is my preferred planner (I of course keep a digital as well) but I can't seem to shake the love of scratching off the to do list or writing in the visit from my sister.

So yet again we find ourselves at the start of a month so I have to ask myself: what will April look like and how bad did March look?

So I share with you my failures and successes...

Last month's Goals:

Send out "Referral Program" to previous couples
Post at least 1 per week via Instagram (going' to do it this time!)
Respond within 24 hours to any work email
Do planned website tweak.

Sleep at least 7 hours a night
Eat no less than 5 small meals a day
Keep active for at least 20 min a day
Go on at least 1 date with Chris
Eat an apple fritter :D

April's Goals:

Write out a marketing plan
Meet up with a fellow Photo-tog
Come up with a booth style idea
Talk through pricing and adjust as needed
Pick out possible options for new display Canvases 

Actually exercise... SERIOUSLY
Keep up better correspondence with long distance friends
Plan out the girl's weekend for my nieces
Do at least one set of lumbar stretches each day

Live. Love. Loud.

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