Monday, April 14, 2014

My Inner Child

Childhood Stories | Rooting for the underdog | Raleigh wedding photographer As a child I loved Eeyore the most.  What's really silly about it wasn't so much that I liked him but why I liked him.  It wasn't that he was the best character it was because I figure with how whinny he was no other kids would like him so I needed to like him.  Yes, I was also the kid who felt bad if I only slept with one of my stuffed animals so I had to pile them all on me so that none would feel left out.

As you grow up you loose so of those things.  Like the ability to sing out any and everything you are doing and you really think it is a great song (yea, again that was totally me).   And I'm kind of glad we grow out of some of it.  I mean no matter "lonely" the sad ugly couch is in the show room I'm choosing the one I like best!  Who wants the oldest hot dog or the wilted salad?

I still have issues with this ... well whatever you'd call it. It makes Chris laugh but every time we go see a game in person I feel like rooting for the away team, honestly I just feel bad for them.  And when Chris family watches sports and I'm in the room I cheer for whatever team is loosing... and if it switches I somehow switch with them.  I can't seem to help myself.

What things of your childhood self do you still have lying around?

Live. Love. Loud.


  1. I like Dad's face in this picture--like he's staring Mom down with a, "You brought home another mouth to feed. Awesome."