Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Love: Natural Photography

Life after making mistakes | Natural Photography | Raleigh Wedding photography It is a lovely time, youth.  You feel like you have it all handled.  No one can tell you something you didn't already know.  Or maybe I was alone in this?

The more I grow up the more glad I am not as young as I was.  I'm sure I'll look back on now and scoff at my stupidity but for now I'm blissfully unaware or at least to the true extent of it :D

When I started my business, or even the idea of the business I made all the stupid mistakes that you see over and over.  I didn't think through things before I did them I just thought done is better than???? I'm not sure.  Cause when I look back over photos I would post, or what I would write or even the name of my original business and I can't help but agree with those who didn't support me.

As time went on I figured out things... at least a little.

One of the things I didn't think about was being purposeful in how I shot.  I mean when I started I thought just click away and it will just happen?  Right?  That's what all the best do?  Not so much.  It took me a long time of practicing and thinking before I understood that I should know what my objective was before shooting.  Am I shooting for a client?  Am I shooting for diversifying my portfolio?

Much like you don't just walk into your kitchen and start throwing ingredients into a pot you don't want to just snap away without having thought it through.

After I figured that out I started thinking about not only for what I was shooting but why.

I figured out pretty quickly that my joy was to try and get my clients to feel at ease with me so that their pictures would be real... that it would truly reflect them.

If you look at the photos in my home this isn't just a policy for my work but for my personal photos too.  I mean we all have the posed family shots here or there but my favorites, the shots I stop and look at... the shots that make me pop back to the moment it was captured aren't those were we are all standing perfectly prepared but it is the silly moment... the real that are my favorite.

It is because of this that I focus my time in learning and growing as a natural photographer... or that's what I call it.  I love being allowed in, not only on a wedding day, but to the couples lives enough that I can just be there... almost invisible or just another guest.

Of course there are the always needed posed group shots too but I always walk away with my favorite being the shot they didn't know I was taking or the moment between the poses.

What is your passion?  Why do you love it?

Live. Love. Loud.

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