Friday, April 4, 2014

Pillows, stretchpants and other LOVES

Happy Friday | Bradley Classes In Raleigh | Looking on the brighter side Our first birthing class is tonight.  I'm a little nervous.  More of an excited nervous then an anxious nervous... I mean what am I to expect?  I have all these movie scenes scrolling through my brain.  Lots of sitting on the floor and ridiculous breathing.

Any of you out there who have already taken a birthing class could tell me if I have any accuracy in my images.  Mainly I'm excited because it has been looming for months now.  I don't do well with looming...

So some pillows and stretch pants are packed and ready for whatever may be coming.

Brown Sugar... So delicious
Time with my family
Being challenged by a fellow photog!
The occasional early morning, waking with the sun and enjoying it's warmth with a slow start of the day (not all the time... too much of an night owl)
Lists... of all kinds.  Somehow my life seems better and more beautiful for them
Iced Coffee (yes yes yes, it is decaf but I can have one cup of caffeine a day! :)

Live. Love. Loud.

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