Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Random Conversational Tuesday

Similarities between pregnancy and engagement | Dealing with awkward questions | Durham wedding photographer Thursday of this week makes 11 weeks left.  It is hard for me to consider the looming reality of that statement.  I mean conceptually I understand, but reality... not so much.  I've yet to go super crazy (yay!) and not strange cravings just yet...  I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop.  People keep saying you get huge in this last stage... I'm feeling pretty planetary as it is.  I mean I can still tie my shoes but only with a break.

I feel like pregnancy is a lot like being engaged.  It is this long transition time frame where so many people list off the truths of their lives to you.  "Oh you just wait....."  "You say that now...."  It is a unique time in life when everyone feels like they have advice to give, thoughts to add, help to offer... and it is the first question off their lips.  "So how's to going" or "So, how you feeling"
It all comes from a heart of love.  I can't help but tilt my head at it.  I'm a bit off color so whenever people ask me "how you feeling" when I know they are referring to pregnancy.  I often want to unload too much information: secretions and bodily malfunctions that all seem to be a part of this time in life (which people often refer to as "glow"... pretty sure that's sweat).  It's just like when I first got married and people asked "How's married life" I never knew how to answer that.  What are they asking?  Are they wanting to know about the silly fights you have about what direction the TP should lie or when the dishes need to be washed? 
Instead of immediately answering these questions and often landing myself in a TMI situation I have to stop and tilt my head and asses: How much do they really want to know?  I've never been good at this because I assume if you asked a broad question you want an expansive answer... Chris has taught me this is often not the case.
So to any of you that have been on the other end of my TMI conversations I'm sorry and for any of you who are with me *HIGH FIVE.
Happy Tuesday!
Live. Love. Loud.

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