Monday, April 28, 2014

When you haven't gotten enough of weddings...

Neat wedding websites | Pinterest only devoted to weddings | Durham Wedding Photography
It's not just cause I'm a photographer but man do I love photos!  So every time I come across a website that uses photos more than words I get smitten.  I mean I just want to be able to glance and see if I'm interested without taking too much time.  I found Pinterest long ago and I enjoy that but I recently came across a website devoted to weddings!  The site is aptly named "Wedding Gawker"

And for a wedding photographer or anyone else obsessed with weddings this site is amazing!  The website is essentially a collection of photos snippets.  It gives you the photo and a tagline written by the person that submitted it.  If you want more information all you do is click the image and it will pop you over to the site.  

Each photo submission is categorized.  You don't have to go through hundreds of photos that someone deemed "fashionable" when they really have nothing to do with fashion.  And the whole site is devoted to weddings!

As you can tell I'm a bit in love.  But don't just believe me jump over and take a look!

Live. Love. Loud.

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