Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Yates Mill Pond: Raleigh, NC: Quinn and Austin

Spring Engagement photos | Yates Mill Pond | Raleigh wedding photography We all thought spring had sprung and no winter was to return when a we had a cold snap.  The first day of our cold snap I had the honor of meeting one of my amazing couples: Quinn and Austin.  It was a joy to get to know them over the occasional shiver and it was even more fun to see their loving looks from behind my lens.

Quinn and Austin chose Yates Mill Pond for their engagement pictures but not only that it was the place that Austin proposed to Quinn.  Years after their romance began he brought her to one of their favorite spots to start their new life together!

Their laughter was heard only by the wild animals in the empty park but it was music to see them having such fun with each other!

I'm pretty sure they were Disney characters in another life.  How else do you have such beautiful hair?!

It was a joy to meet you and I can't wait for your wedding this fall!

Live. Love. Loud.