Thursday, May 22, 2014

Giving up and taking a nap!

Struggling to fulfill a dream | Looking to your love | Durham Wedding Photographers I get tired.  At times I feel like I'm trying to run up hill only to figure out I'm on a treadmill set at a stupid high incline and I'm not actually going anywhere... do you know what I mean?

Like all the effort, thought and strain is going to... absolutely nothing.  It gets overwhelming.  Whether you own your own business, striving after a dream, trudging your way through school or anything else  you get the idea right?  I mean I can't be alone in this at least momentary desire to collapse into the couch and not get up.  I mean let's face it couches are pretty awesome and beg for you to take a nap... they are just inviting.

When I give in and stop trying I slowly spiral.  Once I cave into my desire to give up... it is like when you have been going to the gym and it isn't work anymore to get up and go but you decide to take off a few days.  Maybe this is just me but at the end of those few days though I know that I will feel better and love life more if I go the actual getting me to change and go... yea, it isn't gonna happen easy.

All that to say: with all that strain and work with little results I more than start to question my motivation.  I doubt my reasoning behind the action.  Do I really want this?  Is it really worth this?  Whenever I feel this way I know it is time to get back behind the camera.  For the moments the camera is in hand and I am hanging out with the worlds best clients and helping them relax and be the beautiful that is them I forget the work, the strife the effort and I remember why I go through all the rest of it.

I'd love to say that one session behind the camera makes up for all the unsettled business that seems unending or the lulls in season or the question of certainty but that would be one big fat lie.  What I can say is that helps me with my perspective.  It helps remind me of why I started this all in the first place and it makes the work seem more achievable.

What is your dream, goal, love?  What struggles are you facing?  Have you found something to remind you why you started in the first place?

Live. Love. Loud.

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