Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Got to love Holidays

I wouldn't say that Memorial Day is my favorite holiday but it is up there.  What the holiday stands for in thanking our troops for all their work and sacrifice is fantastic and needed.  When you really stop and think about the holiday, which I'll be honest I often forget to do, I get a little overwhelmed with all the years of work and sacrifice this holiday represents.  But even with all that beauty and deep rich history for which this holiday stands, I have to admit something terrible: I love the holiday because it marks the opening of pools in NC.

Yesterday after we returned from our last out of town trip to see our amazing friends I was about to steal a few laps at the pool and I got to tell you there is nothing quite like allowing the hot day to melt away as you slowly sink into the cool waters.  The back that aches with all the added weight rings silent, the "glistening" forehead is soothed and there is this moment of pure relaxation when your body finally gets accustomed to the water.

Nothing quite wipes away stress and struggle like a few nice long laps...even if there are little kids looking at your giant belly the whole time.  I swear I was waiting for one of them to accuse me of eating a whole watermelon!  Sad but true story when Chris and I took our baby-moon a little girl pointed at me and shouted "Eeeeeewww!"

So here is to enjoying a bit of cool water and letting the stress of your hard week wash away with a little pool side break!  Now if only they made floating waterproof computers...

Live. Love. Loud.

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