Friday, May 2, 2014

LOVES-in on some spring

Accepting Non-tradition | Looking to the brighter side | Durham Wedding Photography I'm pretty nontraditional.  I think it is my rebellion coming out in an it's most "adult" form.  When I know there are things that are the norm some how they become less appealing.  It's silly really but it is much apart of me.

This Saturday marks another nontraditional tradition.  Chris and I are having what we deemed a BaByQ.  My sister gasped at the idea when I told her the name.  "That's gross"  where some of her choice words.  We thought it was punny... but I can see her point.

It was our way of enjoying a tradition a little less conventionally.  A party to celebrate our baby and life change but set up as a BBQ with beer and yard games. So here is to deciding to make traditions your own: traditionally or non-traditionally!

Speaking of traditionally-nontraditional, thought I'd share a few cute pictures I came across...

Photo thanks to JME Portraits

This is knit food! Picture thanks to


Embracing who you are even with all your silly quirks
Making traditions your own
Doughnuts: I'm pretty sure they are the best... at least for now
Friendly Post office workers
This beautiful spring: I'm pretty in love
Finding hidden parks: Chris and I found this great one right near our house= regular haunt now
Crossing things off of to do lists... I'm pretty sure that's one of the best feelings ever

What do you LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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