Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Might just be your Bridesmaid solution!

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The ease of falling into the norm happens without thought.  My sister got married a few years back.  She was determined to have a unique feel for her wedding.  She decided that she didn't want her bridesmaids to wear the same dress and not even the same color.  Her idea was to go with the family of grey and the material chiffon to get a cohesive feel without being too matchy matchy.  In the process of the search she found that most all of her bridesmaids felt insecure about making a choice on a dress.  They all wanted her to pick out their exact dress and my sister's whole goal was to have each girl pick out a dress she would love.

After a few weeks of trying to help the bridesmaids my sister fell into the thing she didn't want: just going with a David's bridal type option.  She picked out a 12 dresses in a specific color and then asked them to pick from those.  

That isn't to say that David's Bridal isn't a good option, it certainly is convenient but not unique... and so it wasn't what she wanted.  In the last week or so I came across this website.

Brideside is a website devoted to trying to make bridesmaid dress shopping easier and more convenient for all involved.  It has a lot of different styles, colors and materials that are all very easily filtered through and sorted from to find a look that fits your needs.  After you have narrowed it down some they offer a service of delivering a few dresses shipped to you so that they can be tried on, colors double checked and the like before you finalize your decision and order.

If you are looking for something different but don't want all the hassle you might want to take a look!

Live. Love. Loud.

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