Friday, May 23, 2014

Shaking with joy and all other LOVES

What joy pools bring | Accepting my inner child | Durham Wedding Photographers As a child other than being a cashier, to this day I still have a bit of an obsession with the satisfaction of swiping items across the bar-code reader, my dream was to be a mermaid.  No joke I was convinced that the best life ever would be a mermaid version of Peter Pan, I knew when I was young I had it made.  Obvious by my dream of being a mermaid I love water.

(little throw back Thursday on Friday)

If you ask my husband he will try and emphasize that "Love" isn't a strong enough word.  I have a lifelong passion for water.  If there was a way for me not to slowly melt and have continuously gooey skin I would probably not ever leave water... well that and I'm pretty sure after about 3 hours of no sun screen I would probably die from sun exposure (shout out to all us translucent folks out there!).

That said: this weekend always brings me much joy because universally it means that pools are open.  And yes, I am the adult acting like a little kid outside the gate trying not to jump up and down while I wait for them to unlock the pool gate for the first time of the season.

Which brings me to all my LOVES this week!

The pool opening: if that wasn't clear enough above
Long weekends that are made even better with time with friends
My job: I am ever so blessed to be a part of the most amazing couples lives
Chris: for he not only deals with my insanity but will actually stay with me in a pool well past when he is finished
Freezers: you don't think about how amazing they are but really... just stop and think about it.  There would be no ice cream without them!
Coming to a close on this seemingly unending pregnancy: only 5 weeks left!
The chance to make strangers friends!

What are your LOVES this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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