Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The ultimate Groom spot!

Finally a registry a groom can get behind | Ultimate one stop shop for Grooms | Durham Wedding Photographer Sometimes during the wedding fever people forget about the groom.  Forget about his side of it.  Not all grooms are super involved in planning the details of flowers and decor but each has something special to him, even if it is just the honeymoon location or duration.

In our wedding planning process I came across the fact that if asked Chris had opinions.  Some clear and definite, while others were sway-able.  Personally I really liked his giving his opinions cause I had very little... to be honest had we done what I wanted the full budget of the wedding would have gone to a photographer and we would have eloped but then our families may not be speaking to us still :D  So alls well that ends well.

That said: I came across this website that is the ultimate groom site.  It has everything you could think of that might be desired.  You can get personalized gifts, register, look over vendors, bachelor party ideas and planning tips, a blog of info from the grooms perspective... you get the idea.

You can read in extent in the "About us" section but the gist of it is two brothers wanted a registry that covered more than kitchen and bedroom.  They wanted.  Life essentials.   So if you are tired of looking at bed spreads and want a bit more personalized options hope over and see if you just might need one more registry (cause can you have too many?)

Live. Love. Loud.


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