Monday, May 5, 2014

To do's: Goals!

Setting Personal Goals | May's Goals list | Durham Wedding Photography Chris drives me insane... most of the time.  We are ever so different and one of these ways is that I feel like time differs.  When I'm having a great time it speeds up and when I'm in a waiting room it slows or even stops... I'm pretty sure it stops just to drive me crazy.

Chris in all his level headed literal-ism clearly states, "Rachel, time doesn't differ"... I know that but it doesn't change how it feels!  Well, for the first time in my life Chris now understands what I mean and it is amazing!  Well, I feel bad for the guy cause he hasn't had to deal with it before but I love that he gets it more now!

That said: another month has passed and so I must write out my goals and ask that you keep me accountable to them.
April's Goals:

Write out a marketing plan
Meet up with a fellow Photo-tog
Come up with a booth style idea
Talk through pricing and adjust as needed
Pick out possible options for new display Canvases 

Actually exercise... SERIOUSLY
Keep up better correspondence with long distance friends
Plan out the girl's weekend for my nieces
Do at least one set of lumbar stretches each day

May's Goals:

Make sure to get edited photos to clients in less than 6 weeks
Order Canvas for display
Look over Bridal shows for late 2014 and 2015
Decide on Traditional marketing budget
Pick out color scheme for Bridal show
Attend meeting/meet with photog friend

Do each Bradley exercise at least once daily
Baby-Q: make sure to get needed food and prep
Eat at least 70 Grams of Protein a day
Pack preliminary birthing bag
Enjoy last alone trip with Chris before baby!

What will you do this month to help you towards your dreams?  What steps will you take to move your dream to an action?

Live. Love. Loud.

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