Thursday, June 19, 2014

Confessions of a Control Freak

Prep and reprep: the wedding photographer | No matter what happens: your day will be amazing | Durham Wedding Photographer I don't do well without control.  I'm a planner.  To be exact I am a planner who plans for the plan that might be the back up option to the mega plan... you get the idea.  I like to think things through and be prepared.  I figure if I can prep as best I can for any logic progression I'll be better prepared even in the event something crazy happens.

Don't get me wrong, I can go with the flow and make things work but only after I have prepared.  I was the kid who wrote my papers 2 weeks in advance to make sure that I wouldn't possibly have misunderstood the due date or have something come up and mess it up.  Yea, I know.

That said this mentality is something that is integrated into my life, professional and personal.

When I found out I was pregnant, past the "WhAT???" feelings and a lot of deep breathing I dove into research mode.  I read book after book.  (If you want to know which ones I'd recommend both for reading and for kindling feel free to message me and I'll let you know)  I wrote a spreadsheet of questions and went about finding the answers.  I forced Chris to talk through contingency plans, alternative plans and backup plans.

Professionally it isn't much different.  I prep and reprep.  The night before a wedding I pack and repack my gear.  I double check each lens.  I clean them all again just to be sure.  I double check each battery.  I organize my memory.  I lay out the timeline of the wedding, the list of names of the bridal party and any other pertinent information in front of me on the floor and I look over each piece to make sure that I know all that I can.  Finally after all of this I have to set it all aside, packed up again and waiting by the door of course, and I have to let my mind escape the relax for a few hours before I sleep and start your wedding day.

Weddings often don't go according to plan.  They are much like life that way.  My goal for all my prep isn't because I think I will be able to control each moment and make sure it happens as it is supposed to but that I am prepared as best as I can be for any possibility so that your wedding day will go as smoothly as I can make it.  You have enough on your plate with this amazing life change that you are about to go through that my goal: to make your wedding day easy, fun and relaxed... and all the while capture all those moments of joy and fun along the way.

I've been trying to take on this same mentality for my pregnancy.  It is hard because it is for me and not another person.  It is one time in my life when I will be completely without control of my body.  That is a really scary thought.  So today I remind myself to Breath and remember that no matter how much I plan it probably won't follow my timeline... oh but if it could!

Live. Love. Loud.

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