Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Decorating Diva = my husband

Custom Make Your Wedding Registry | Unique registries for your individual needs | Durham Wedding Photography Getting married and planning a wedding always bring out a new side to the love of your life.  You get to find out odd things that often you wouldn't know about.  When Chris and I were getting married I found out that Chris was REALLY particular about is plate ware and china.  I was kind of of the mentality that it is something you eat off and past it not being super ugly I was pretty wide open, with one exception: I really don't like Correlle.  Nothing wrong with it... I just don't like the weight and feel of their product.

Chris on the other hand had very particular thoughts on colors, styles and designs.  We had to go to three stores before Chris found a set he liked. Who knew he had such a designer diva in him?  In the end we had to had to register at three separate stores to get all the different things we wanted on our registries.  I had always thought I would want to keep it simple and clean with just one registry but we couldn't find a store that had all we needed!

Years late, I recently came across another wedding planning website that I thought I'd share that solves this small dilemma.  It is the website: Newly Wish.  It allows you as a couple to create a custom registry.  Covering all the specific and possibly diva-ish decorating needs to the garage and tool needs to home entertainment needs all in one registry!  It allows you to completely  custom make your registry to be as amazing as you.

It allows you to have guests give traditionally with specific items for you home that you have picked out, it allows guest to chip in together to buy bigger ticket items or even chip in to your honeymoon fund!  Which let's face it we all can use a honeymoon fund.

Just like all other registries it allows you to track your list as the weeks progress!

So if one store won't cut it for your needed list but you don't want to have to have the complications of multiple registrations head over to and see if it is for you!

Custom registry that lets you get all you want from just one location

Live. Love. Loud.

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