Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Riding Chaos

Joys of the unexpected | Riding chaos | Durham Wedding Photography
I can't help but smile over the adventure that is our lives.  I mean really.  If you think back over this year or even further... would you put yourself where you are?  I surely wouldn't.  I mean a year ago if someone told me in a year I would have moved twice, about to have a child and all that goes with that I would have laughed at them.  

I had plans.  It was going to happen this way or that... but it never does.

Part of what makes life endearing is the unexpected adventure... and that take a lot for me to say cause I'm a planner... like a plan has a plan which has a contingency plan kind of planner.

So today I challenge you to look at the joys that have changed your life to the unexpected and if you can't see the joy in the midst of the chaos maybe try and just ride the chaos?  It worked for me :D

Live. Love. Loud.

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