Monday, June 9, 2014

Taking Time for Joy

The humdrum of Mondays | How each week starts | Durham Wedding Photographer The week always starts the same. With a deep breath and more work then you know what to do with.

For some people they opt for the never really stop working option.  I totally get this mentality. I was homeschool (yea, insert jokes here) but I loved it and my mom gave me the choice:  I could either have a summer break and have to do the beginning of the year review or I could do school all year and get to skip the review.  I was the kid who didn't even stop to mull it over: I chose to do school all year cause I really hated the review section.

As an adult I don't take the same mentality.  I have discovered that yes, no matter when you leave work for a break, there will be more waiting for you when you return but that despite that I need to make the time to just "let it go" (I can't say those three words without at least hearing the Frozen song in my head).

All that said: just cause you will have work piled up when you return don't forget the necessity of a break.  It is just like when you clean a bathroom.  No matter when you clean it or how well, someone is going to come in and dirty it all over again.  You can't quit cleaning it even though you know to a degree it seems futile.  A clean bathroom makes it so you aren't grossed out in your own home, much like taking a break from work makes it so you don't go insane... well any more than you are naturally ;) (you're in good company)

So today, I have decided as best I can to celebrate the work week.  There is a lot we I take for granted even if it is something silly like work: I am determined to lounge in the joys of life.

What will you enjoy today?  A fabulous lunch?  Crashing at your home after a Monday at the office?  Whatever it is I hope that the joy overtakes you and forces a smile!

Live. Love. Loud.

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