Friday, June 6, 2014

The terror and joys of Chalk and other LOVES

I want to hopscotch everywhere.  No, it isn't because it is enormous fun, though it is... or it was the last time I played hopscotch, but instead I want to do it because I'm not allowed.  I'm so that person.  It is silly really.  I mean I haven't thought about hopscotch in forever but after they say "don't do anything jarring at this stage like jogging, hopscotch or bungee jumping" (which by the way how did hopscotch even make that list... do all pregnant women have a deep pitted desire to start hoping on calked squares with numbers in them?) I can't help but think of it especially as I pass neighborhood kids drawing up a new course!

(Side note: saw this picture and immediately every childhood dream came true photo thanks to G+ and X. Foster)

(Side note: I hate chalk... like REALLY can't handle touching it.  I love the idea.  I think it is awesome and so much fun but the reality of touching chalk or worse the feeling of chalk as it scrapes across a surface to write something makes my skin crawl.)

I have to laugh at myself and all the silly that is my naturally defiant nature.  Which brings me to my LOVES this week:

Learning to laugh at my silliness (see above)
Finishing up all the pre-baby to-do's
Forcing myself out to meet a new group of fellow photographers: and have a blast in the process!
Finding new friends in silly or unexpected places
Taking the time for one last family gathering before the baby
Greek Gods Yogurt: cause it is amazing and good for you!
Rice socks... cause I'm pretty sure that's the only thing keeping Chris fingers from falling off
Finally getting my paperwork over to my new and soon to be amazing SEO guy

What are you LOVES-in on this week?

Live. Love. Loud.

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