Wednesday, June 4, 2014

You Smooze You Lose

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In any business things can be lonely.  In the world of photographers this truth rings so loudly that it is hard to overcome.  Between our own egos, the territorial nature of the business and oh so many things we often distance ourselves.  We pretend we have it all together and we know.  When you see us gather it can be as ridiculous as a collection of peacocks or pretty much any gym on Venice beach.  We all smooze each other about this or that and often no truth comes out of it.  It's high school all over again.

In the midst of all of this there is are a brave collection of photographers who are real, they will state they don't know... state they are learning... and I have been blessed to find a some of them!

If you have met me you will know one thing right off, probably whether you love me or hate me as well, I don't do fake.  I am me.  And I'm not for everyone.  I wish I was more sweet or more... something but I am who I am and it has taken me years to figure out that I can't change the essence of me... bad habits for sure, being polite definitely.

Well, Monday night was my first chance to gather with some like minded photographers.  We all share a similar mentality and we all desire to focus on customer service in our businesses.

It was the June meeting where A J an Kyle Dunlap organized a group gathering where Mark Potter came over to share with us some of his tips and thoughts on posing, lighting and help us figure out how to best capture our work.  

It was a blast watching him work.  If nothing else his voice has got to win over customers, being native of Australia I'm pretty sure he could list the side effects to any medication and I'd still want to listen.

In a 20 minute walk around downtown Durham and he came across a few gem locations that made we want to take a lovely couple out on my own and see what we could discover... *hint hint: any takers ;)

Priscilla, the amazing talented designer of Orangerie Events, and her husband Chase were our fabulous models and I'm telling you they were amazing sports.  There aren't a lot of people who could face having 30 odd cameras pointed at them and still manage to be natural and relaxed!

Who doesn't love some natural reflectors?

It was nice to see some photographers break out of their shell and jump forward to be try their hand at posing.  I'll tell you a secret.  Right before the end I had just worked up my nerve to step forward but there wasn't enough time.  I had waited too long.  I made a promise to myself that next time I won't wait and I will force myself to be uncomfortable and take the plunge!  (you'll need to keep me accountable)

Thank you so much for all of you!  It was great getting to talk with some of you and it was nice to hear the questions and thoughts that were shared with the group as a whole.  I can't wait till the August meeting!

Live. Love. Loud.

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