Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fashionista Planners!

I'm a sucker for fashion.  Not sure how that works with my deep and abiding love for deals but in my head I would, were I to have endless money, have the most amazing closet.  Life as it is I do what any girl in my position would: fawn over fashion week and gobble up all I can see, touch and smell while not breaking the bank.

For any and all of you wishing to be fashion mavens and you find yourself planning your wedding I might just have found a website that will rock your world.

We all know Nordstrom.  You can appreciate the designer duds and boutique options in a renowned store if you have the Benjamin to spend.  Nordstrom has a wedding website.  It is filled with seemingly endless options of great ideas for weddings.  The latest dresses off the runway and oh the shoes!!!

While you may or may not have the money to take these amazing products by storm, you can take their ideas and implement them in a way that fits you and your budget... or you can simply look on a drool=me since I'm not planning a wedding :D

All that to say: don't take my word for it, jump over and check it out!

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Confession: Lentils, hiding and new firsts

This weekend is my first wedding since Luna.  To be frank: I'm scared.  I'm excited too but I'm afraid.  To be fair I'm always excited and nervous before every wedding... doesn't seem to go away no matter how many weddings I do   But this time it is different...  It is layered.

There is the first wedding back after months away: will I be up to snuff?  Will giving birth somehow make me a less capable photographer?  Will I be lesser now?

The always present: Did I forget anything?  Looking and re-looking over the previous discourses and searching to make sure that all the knowledge has been gleamed.  Checking and rechecking my equipment.

Then there is Luna.  At the current moment the most time I have spent away from Luna is 1 hour.  Crazy I know but there has been no reason.  She is always with me.  I work from home with photography, outside of sessions of course, and with everything else she has just tagged along.  I have no idea what being away from her for so long will be like.  Will she be ok?  Will I???  I'm pretty sure she fare better than me.

I'm excited.  Excited to be back doing what I love.  Excited to celebrate with yet another amazing couple making a huge and rewarding decision to join their lives together!  Excited to grow and change both professionally and personally as I make this crazy journey that is life... yet at the same time I feel a bit like hiding behind my couch... maybe with a soft blanket and some snacks!

Why is it that you can have seemingly contradicting emotions?  Wouldn't it be nice if life... mankind... yourself was more simple?  I guess it wouldn't be as interesting but it sure would be easy!

So here is to deciding against snuggling up with some hummus and lentil chips (must be hungry) on a soft blanket behind the couch but instead taking on the unknown!  Strong, excited but a bit shaky.

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not quite newborn...

It only made sense that on my most recent trip down to visit family and friends that I take the chance to try my hand a little further at infant photography.

My dear high school friend and previous bride has recently been blessed with a little baby boy.  A midst our visit I took a moment or two to snap a few photos of her dear Marco.  

Though Marco was well out of the newborn range at his whopping 4 weeks of age (2 weeks or less is needed for that adorable sleepy and snugly shots) but that didn't mean we couldn't capture the adorable moments that are 4 weeks of age!

It is amazing to me how small every feature is... I get they are babies.  I really do but the little toes... they are so tiny!

What do you think?

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Maybe not Universal... but close

It is funny how all the talk you hear about having kids.  Before I was pregnant and even before I was married I always heard things like "just wait and see, when you have kids...."  A deep, old and amazing friend of mine put it very sysinctly: Parenthood sounds amazingly profound and mundane.  Too be honest it is exactly that.

So much of my life is taken up by profoundly mundane things (see what I did there:).  Between all the normal, pre-baby activities, day to day and then you add another being solely dependent on you for its existence.  It is both amazing, overwhelming, heartwarming and scary.  I don't think I have ever been in such contact with as many bodily fluids in my life.  All the things I saw happening to other mothers and wondered how they didn't hate life... its this amazing thing called hormones!

That and with those amazing built in hormones you have this very small, adorable and completely helpless being looking up at you with all the possible adoration.  How can you not love it?  How can you not want to help it?

Each day this little being changes and grows.  It is like a never ending science experiment. Example: I am playing with my daughter's hair whenever she is sleepy so that later she will associate that with sleep: thus making putting her down easier!

I always thought of how empty it seemed: how can you play with that baby for hours?  It just lays there...  People tell you, "you'll change".  People tell you, "your kids will be different".  People tell you, "kids are the hardest work but the best rewards".  I never believed "people".  I thought they were crazy to think that just because they found those things to be true they can't be universal!

I honestly don't know if they are "universal" but I can tell you it is crazy how many of "those things" were true for me... at least so far.  My husband laughs at me because of how much I have changed.  I get it.  I see it.  I just can't seem to help it and I guess considering Luna's sake it's a great thing.

So for those of you out there sans kids: We do look crazy.  To be fair: we kind of are.  But remember however much you judge now you'll be apologizing later (ie: see my confessions and apologies post... I have no high horse I was the judger-mc-judger-son).

For those of you with kids: I will once again state I am sorry I doubted and judged.  This is a crazy crazy crazy life we lead... with oh so many awesome moments!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Needing some Liquid Courage to conquer your planning?

The deep south, where I find myself, often has dry weddings.  If this is your wedding then you get the joy of not having to think through the added detail of adult beverages!  For the rest of you planning your wedding, adult beverages included, I found a website that helps with the quagmire that is trying to figure out what, how much and when to order all your "liquid courage" needs!

The website is BevMo!

You sign up and a beverage expert is assigned to you.  They help you with planning: what beverages fit your needs, possibly design you a custom cocktail, glassware and even snacks if you so desire.  Then they will help you order all you need for the party of your dreams, the have awesome deals: free shipping for certain sized orders, Buy one case of wine get the second for $0.60 and more!!! Lastly your beverages, that perfectly fit your occasion get delivered to the address of your choosing with no hassle!

Don't take my word on it jump over and see if it works for your needs!

Happy wedding planning

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Travel Adventures

Earlier this month we decided it was time to make a trek down to see some extended family and friends.  Our first trip with baby and we decided a 12 hour drive was the best option???  Yes, we are crazy.

It was a blast to get a chance to stop in and see our dear friends Jennifer, David and their brand new son Marco!  Wouldn't it be great to gather all the people you love and have them live close enough for a short drive?  Ok well maybe that's me.  I love the chance to spend time with my dear friends.

After our drop in to see our friends we continued our adventure down to see my husband's extended family and introduce Luna to them... and the gulf coast :D

So all in all our first trip with baby was a success!

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A photographer in bloom

It's not what you think!  I'm actually talking about my mother but first I'll give some context:

.Chris and my mother were the only two people allowed in our delivery room.  I thought I would care about so many things that I didn't care about.  People tell you what labor is like but you really don't know till you been there.  LONG STORY!  In the moment my mother thought to grab her smart phone and snap this picture just moments after Baby Luna joined us.  I'm ever grateful for her capture of this amazingly real, supremely gross and exhausting moment.  It is a sweet memory that becomes only too foggy thanks to loads of hormones... oh the joys of child birth?

Yes!  Chris got in the tub!  I know I married the sweetest man ever :D

Live. Love. Loud.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Confession of Confusion

I love weddings.  I mean it.  After I shot my first wedding I was in LOVE with shooting them.  I don't know that I will get over them as my first love.  Before I found my home/love of shooting weddings I tried my hand at a few other types of photography, to name a few nature, architecture and portrait.  I learned quickly that I liked people better than objects.

I delved further into efforts of trying portrait and found that I lacked the skills necessary to shoot family and kids... or at least how I wanted to have them shot.  I could do a traditional pose and get them to smile and have a decent time but when I look at the portraits of children that I love and would want to emulate it is much more pulling out the character of the individual children.  Look at Sarah Petty or at local NC photographer Neito.  They have this way of making your child shine their individuality to the camera.  I'm amazed at them and overjoyed at their work but I have yet to figure out how they do it.

As a result of that and the pure joy that weddings were to me I decided to only shoot weddings and I never regretted that decision.  After I had Luna I had the joy of trying my hand at newborn photography.  I figured if I failed epically then I would call any of my dear photography friends to rescue me and capture Luna in all her tiny glory.  I however loved it, it was a hot sweaty mess but it was fun (well, not is you ask Chris... he had no love).  As a result of my experience it makes me wonder if I should open up myself to trying new photography over again.

Did I cut myself off too quickly?  I love my specialization; I love weddings.  But should I try my hand at other photography again to see what I love.  Should I open myself up?

Live. Love. Loud.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Internet realities and Goals

Yet another month has passed.  Seemingly quick as always!  It is thus time again to ask myself for practical ways I can be pushing myself further to achieve my goals and dreams.  I sound so on top of things right?  I am currently typing this with spit up on my top... so yay for how the internet can cover up reality.

(photo thanks to Cool Quotes)

What's on the menu this month??


  • Do some physical activity each day
  • Document the introduce our daughter to our extended family (ie=don't forget to pack the camera)
  • Make the time to go on a date with Chris
  • Keep house straightened and cleaned... to a degree of normalcy
  • Fix books (I'm a bit OCD and they need to be organized better)


  • Prep equipment for fall weddings
  • Ask previous clients to write reviews
  • Update website portfolio
  • Go meet up with another photographer/attend meeting
  • Order up to date product

What are some of your goals this month?

Live. Love. Loud.