Thursday, September 4, 2014

Confession of Confusion

I love weddings.  I mean it.  After I shot my first wedding I was in LOVE with shooting them.  I don't know that I will get over them as my first love.  Before I found my home/love of shooting weddings I tried my hand at a few other types of photography, to name a few nature, architecture and portrait.  I learned quickly that I liked people better than objects.

I delved further into efforts of trying portrait and found that I lacked the skills necessary to shoot family and kids... or at least how I wanted to have them shot.  I could do a traditional pose and get them to smile and have a decent time but when I look at the portraits of children that I love and would want to emulate it is much more pulling out the character of the individual children.  Look at Sarah Petty or at local NC photographer Neito.  They have this way of making your child shine their individuality to the camera.  I'm amazed at them and overjoyed at their work but I have yet to figure out how they do it.

As a result of that and the pure joy that weddings were to me I decided to only shoot weddings and I never regretted that decision.  After I had Luna I had the joy of trying my hand at newborn photography.  I figured if I failed epically then I would call any of my dear photography friends to rescue me and capture Luna in all her tiny glory.  I however loved it, it was a hot sweaty mess but it was fun (well, not is you ask Chris... he had no love).  As a result of my experience it makes me wonder if I should open up myself to trying new photography over again.

Did I cut myself off too quickly?  I love my specialization; I love weddings.  But should I try my hand at other photography again to see what I love.  Should I open myself up?

Live. Love. Loud.

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  1. Yes to babies! I love this shot--I want to frame it and snuggle my niece! I just wish you would be here/me there to get pics of our baby girl at the same stage. But we'll get some when in December. <3