Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fashionista Planners!

I'm a sucker for fashion.  Not sure how that works with my deep and abiding love for deals but in my head I would, were I to have endless money, have the most amazing closet.  Life as it is I do what any girl in my position would: fawn over fashion week and gobble up all I can see, touch and smell while not breaking the bank.

For any and all of you wishing to be fashion mavens and you find yourself planning your wedding I might just have found a website that will rock your world.

We all know Nordstrom.  You can appreciate the designer duds and boutique options in a renowned store if you have the Benjamin to spend.  Nordstrom has a wedding website.  It is filled with seemingly endless options of great ideas for weddings.  The latest dresses off the runway and oh the shoes!!!

While you may or may not have the money to take these amazing products by storm, you can take their ideas and implement them in a way that fits you and your budget... or you can simply look on a drool=me since I'm not planning a wedding :D

All that to say: don't take my word for it, jump over and check it out!

Live. Love. Loud.

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